Does Medifast work? Does it really taste bad?

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Quick question... Does Medifast work? Does it really taste bad? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... I need a bra that LIFTS!!! I cant find one that truly lifts only those that say they do! I have tried many that claim they are made to lift, only to find they are just reg bras. Help!!!! It does not have to be pretty or sexy just needs to LIFT!!!..

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Of course! but you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Happy,, I wear a 36DDD and understand what you mean about getting the bottom part lifted up off the chest. It's hard for me to find triple-D cup with a 36 band... grrr! Have you checked out the Cacique bras from Lane Bryant? Specifically I find the Cacique.

Molded cup.

Bras lift my girls right up... even when my band was larger than 36 they were great. For me, a non-molded cup will always leave the girls down around the lower ribcage area (which is not only unattractive but uncomfortable, too).

Hope that helps!..

Comment #2

That was my problem!!! I went to Macys and explained my issues to the sales person. They did a fitting, and suggested the Vanity Fair bras. Those worked perfectly for me...

Comment #3

It SO depends on your bust because people are shaped differently. (I know, shocking that all boobs are not actually shaped like porn star boobs....


I would suggest going to an actual bra store (or if there aren't any, try Dillards or Nordstrom, both of which have actual trained people for fitting)..

If you are truly large cup (I would say F or above), a bra shop is going to be very helpful. When I was an H or so, I wore the Elomi brand, as well as Le Mystere. Both expensive, but both good!.

I laugh at people who come on here and say "just buy cheap bras for each size because you'll be losing so fast" - there really is no such thing above a DD cup...

Comment #4

(I know, shocking that all boobs are not actually shaped like porn star boobs... ).

LMAO!!! Thats because they are all FAKE hahaha!!!..

Comment #5

Yep yep...I surely need new bras to and have yet to get poor bras now are on their last leg lmao!..

Comment #6

I just got a new bra at VS and I wore this weekend to my son's baseball game. I stood up to cheer and my boobs were practically in my neck!!! No one would believe that an old mom like me could have breasts like that. I am taking it back-there is actually "too much lift" out there!.

Good luck to you!!!.

Laura lee..

Comment #7

At my highest weight, I was wearing a 42DDD. My favorite bras are the Lane Bryant Cacique brand. I love the Balconette. It always did great things keeping those puppies under control. And now does great things for my consirably droopier girls (now at a 36DDD-I was really hoping to lose a cup size!) Our local Lane Bryant closed and I now refuse to go there anyway since I no longer have to..

Just last week I found some at JCPenny that are quite similar. Ambrielle Woman Microfiber Balconet Bra. But as a previous poster said...we are all built different...

Comment #8

I second the molded cup Lane Bryant bras. Le Mystere are better but more expensive. Once I get back to a C cup there is a bra from Wacoal that fits me perfectly and lifts me up, too. (At least it fit me perfectly back before I went above a C cup.)..

Comment #9

I'd highly recommend looking into Prima Donna bras. They're made in Belgium and not cheap by any means, but as a former 34G and bra fitter, I can attest to the fact that they are MIRACULOUSLY uplifting..

Le Mystere bras always died on me too quickly. My Prima Donna bras have lasted 2+ years, so the cost really does even out over time...

Comment #10

Hi!!! any idea which of their styles lift? Its frustrating as none of them has lift in it's description. They are pretty arent they?.

Thank you for your help!..

Comment #11

Hey everyone I'm online looking at these now!!! yeah steph we all dont have porno breast do we....but I'm hoping in time and a surgeon..maybe??? ha ha..

Comment #12

Can you tell me the style number? ill look at it thank you..

Comment #13

I tried the wacoal and it is a great bra, but I think I am bottom heavy...

Comment #14

I had good luck with the "Vanity Fair 76380 Back Smoother Full Figure Underwire Bra" that I got at Kohls - I wear a DD..

True story - until I lost quite a lot of weight I could never find a molded cup bra that fit right. So I was excited to find one (the VF) that lifted, separated and gave me a nice shape (despite the extremely droopy girls!). I knew the bra was getting too big but just kept moving the hooks over. The other day I wore a top to work that was a sort of clingy t-shirt material. Luckily, I was alone in my office when I happen to notice that there were big wavy dents along the top of my chest. I no longer had enough to fill up the molded cups! For the first time in my life I had to stufff my bra just so I wouldn't look deformed! I stopped at Kohls on the way home for an emergency purchase of a new bra!.

Good luck finding one that fits!..

Comment #15

Go for a proper fitting. Makes all the difference in the world! I did a few months back and found that I've been wearing the wrong size for YEARS... It will cost you, but your boobs will thank you! BTW, Goddess bras are great and not too expensive. Also, Chantelle bras are better than Wacoal when it comes to lift (albeit quite pricey). You can always go for a fitting and not buy them there at the store (I went to Nordstrom's) and then try to find them cheaper online...

Comment #16

Has anyone ever tried the.


? My biggest issue now is "back smoothing" properties... and I gotta have molded cups to give the girls some shape.

This bra seems to fit those two things but would love to hear some real world feedback if there is any!..

Comment #17

A 34 WHAT??? I thought mine were hefty...can't imagine how your back handled it!!..

Comment #18

The Victoria secret bra is the "Incredible"it is higher on the sides and in the back than their other bras. I am going to take my ultra lift ones back and try another size in the Incredible. I think it is the cup size I got wrong-I am bigger on one side..

I can't get anyone to size me correctly there-I am sure I am not a 38. I wear a size 8. So I am not sure why this is so hard..

Laura Lee..

Comment #19

Congrads on your stats you was at the weigth were I'm now..

Comment #20

Laura Lee, it's probably because Victoria's Secret still sizes the old (incorrect) way - they take your ribcage measurement and add 2-3 inches..

Bra manufacturers don't do that anymore, but VS employees still do. It's a training thing..

It's also why a bazillion women went from wearing a 36C to a 34D in one fell swoop..

(still trying to get to a single, or even a double D over here though... VS doesn't sell my size - 34DDD. Most places don't!)..

Comment #21

Wow, Mary, thanks for the info. I just have so little time to go to stores to get through the mess-I am so impatient I just want to buy and go. Now I have to go back and return. there is a "Soma" in the same shopping area. I might try them..


Comment #22

I got fitted at a specialty store in our area. I bought two Fantasie bras...they were wonderful! Still sitting there waiting for me to lose weight so I can wear them again. You will probaby be surprised at your actual size..I had been wearing 36D or 34D, but I was a 32DD after being properly fitted..

Get fitted and then you can find them online. I go to bare neccessities. You can also find swimwear that is bra sized! I usually do a search for a coupon code and it is less expensive than a department store...

Comment #23

All of them lift. Trust me. They don't put "lift" in the description because there isn't one style that doesn't do just that. I loved fitting women in Prima Donna bras, be it a balconnet, full or plunge cut, because they really bring the chest up so the waist is visible. The most common exclamation from my customers: "I have a WAIST!" The plunge bras give a bit of a flatter profile. The full cups are generally more supportive, so in theory they could lift a tad more, but in all honesty, I think you can't go wrong with any style from their catalog.

I really loved wearing the Madison balconnet. The straps are a little wide set, so if you're smaller framed it may not work well and it does size a little small through the band. It's basic but still pretty and creates a very "perky" look. Well worth the dough. The only reason I don't wear mine now is that it's from when I started losing and I've plummeted from a G to a D cup..

Hope that's helpful!..

Comment #24

Omg thank you so much for this info!!!!! this is so very helpful!!!!..

Comment #25

I am unfortunately one of those who can't find my size anywhere except a "bra boutique". I was wearing Lane Bryant Balconnette but I was a 38G because I could not find a smaller band with a G cup. So I heard about the store called Intimacy and I LOVE IT!!!! I went and they do an amazing job fitting you! They explain that most of the support comes from the band. THey have stores all over the place..

The fitting lasted a little over an hour but was sooooo worth it. They are expensive but the store alters them for free (for life) and the bras are terrific quality!.

I went from a 38G toa 33H just after that one fitting! I was wearing the wrong size all along and didn't even know it. I go there a few times a year now and I will never get my bras anywhere else!.


Good luck!..

Comment #26

I read this post a few weeks ago and it's been in the back of my head that I needed to do something about my bra situation. I've been wearing some completely stretched out 44Cs and I was guessing that I was down at least to a 40. Took the plunge and went to Nordstroms. Guess what my size was? 40DD!!!!! I have always thought of myself as small chested- not at the moment- LOL! My advice- get to a good dept store and get measured by a professional. With two new Wacoals, the girls have never been happier. Now I just have to break it to DH that 2 bras cost $120...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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