Does Medifast food really work ?

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Quick question: Does Medifast food really work ? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... My boyfriend just reminded me it's Easter this weekend and wants to make something special for lean and green..

What are you guys making? I'm not a huge fan of turkey, but that's doable. I was also thinking that Jenni-O Turkey Ham (it's high in sodium, but ok for once in a blue moon). Not sure what other "fancy"/Easter-like meat options are out there..

For sides maybe some roasted green beans and mashed cauliflower? That seems normal Easter fare to me. Not sure. Help?..

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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Im going to eat the tukey breast and have mashed cauliflower with it! Sounds delish! And I make sure I sAVe like 2-3 Medifast meals for after it so I can "fulfill" my Easter double brownies haha!..

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We celebrate both Passover and Easter... my in-laws make turkey and brisket, plus yummy roasted veggies, for Passover (and I'm bringing a huge salad and dressings.).

I wasn't raised with matzoh ball soup, kugel, etc. so I won't crave/miss any of that!.

For Easter, DH has made reservations at a local restaurant on the lake (pretty view!) that serves lots of salads, etc., for lunch. and has a lobster special on (rather than the buffet where we normally go.) We will also visit my parents (my mother is very infirm.).

I'm just concerned about all the candy the Easter Bunny will be bringing my little DS, THAT will be the tempting part! I'm going to eat yummy Medifast chocolate treats (brownie, pudding frosty, chocolate crunch bars, etc.) for my 5 meals that day!.

I'm really excited about all the fun and special parts of Easter, watching little DS do the egg hunt (more like an "egg sprint!"), coloring piles of eggs, seeing his excitement when he tears opens his basket, cheering him on as he plays "find the matzoh" at Grandma's with all his cousins... I love the uplifting Easter church service (which DS and I attend with DS's best friend's family.).

To me, the heavy, fattening holiday meals were a legacy of my mother and her family... we are Italian and holidays always meant stuffing ourselves to oblivion with pasta, lasagna, bread, lamb cake etc. Eating was the one thing my family consistently did together, which probably helps explain why there is so much morbid obesity among my relatives. My mother is now close to death, and my own family has splintered, so that part of the holidays is dead to me too..

Happy holidays everyone! And thank you for listening... talking this through has really been therapeutic, and has helped me to understand myself and my motivations better..

Hugs, Maria..

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Easter is at my home and I am making turkey and ham. I will eat the turkey...

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Easter is at our place this year. I have already worked out the numbers so I can have a little ham and a little pork loin. My side will be spinach salad (homemade dressing on the side) Medifast brownie instead of pie. I don't want to get into the habit of denying myself our traditional holiday meals, but do want to get into the habit of proper portion control..


Pork Loin.

Spinach Salad.


Sweet Potatoe.



Cherry Pie..

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My DH is at work. SO I am going to ride my horses, and cook dinner on the grill..

Probably also do laundry and clean the house..

The only Easter type of thing I might do is the sunrise service. That is very enlightening and I normally cry...

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It's just me, hubby and our kids for dinner so I'll make the traditional stuff, but likely won't eat any of it. I'll just sit down with them like I would any other night...

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Church and then Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Grilling out afterwards...

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So can we eat ham? My sister in law is cooking and so far I cannot have anything on her menu - so I am going to eat before and eat the salad there. But I am confused if I can eat ham...and how much...

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Ham has a bit of carbs especially the honey/brown sugar cured hams..

A regular ham (probably the cheapest option) has 3gm carb per 3oz portion. A honey/brown sugar cured ham has 6gms carb per 3 oz portion. Plus ham has a lot of sodium..

I spent a couple days looking around the warehouse clubs and the supermarket for ham options...

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Hi, I am new to the Medifast program, this is my second day!.

My mom called me last night and invited us all over for the traditional ham dinner as well. I am scared I am going to offend her if I just sit and stare at everyone else while they eat. I was going to post something along the same lines as you did, so I figured I would just add to this thread..

Help, what can I do for Easter that won't look strange?..

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I would say just don't mention it. Either take a small piece of ham or just don't take any at all. Most people will be too interested in themselves to notice, I imagine...

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We are going to my grandparent's house for Easter. My grandmother bought both a ham and turkey to fix, and she will also be making "special" mac and cheese, whatever that is. My aunt is bringing chilli beans and a bunny cake. My mother is bringing a salad and something else, not sure what. I volunteered to make homemade rolls to bring. I dont think I can have any of this besides the salad, idk what to do..

I know DH would feel embarrassed if I told him he shouldnt eat any of it. Eating is a big deal with my family too. We all LOVE food and always eat a big meal whenever we gather together. It would we obvious and just weird if someone didnt eat.. :/..

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Well, after DD does the basket and we do mass, I think it's going to be a pretty much fanfare-less day. No ginormous meals to avoid, no granny's special meals this year. Probably a little turkey, some shakes, and we're not even buying my heart's delight for DD's basket (Cadbury - shall I go on? - Creme Eggs!!!)..

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If you're afraid you'll upset your dinner host, just tell them you aren't feeling 100% if they ask why you aren't eating or are eating lightly! It's really none of their business. You are doing Medifast for YOU. What they think or say shouldn't affect what you put in your mouth...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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