Do weight loss programs like jenny craig Medifast really work?

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Quick question... Do weight loss programs like jenny craig Medifast really work? Thanks in advance for any comment. My 2nd question.....tells me I don't have to lose any more weight, I'm gonna force feed them a cappucino! I still have over seventy to go. I know they think they are being kind and complimentary, but it does drive me nuts sometimes. And I don't mean this is a passing comment, I mean there are ones at work that will argue with me! I never realized how many weight loss experts I was surrounded with until I started MF. Where was all their expert advice when I really could have used it! LOL! A newer person told me not to get my hopes up, because "MF doesn't work".

When I told her, she said, "well there are exceptions"..

I have found that these conversations go no where. Now I just say, "Well you may be right, but I'm gonna ride this pony a little longer..".

Sheesh! I guess I should be glad. It's a better conversation than having one about how I NEED to lose weight! LOL!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

When I lost weight last time on Medifast everyone told me I was too thin. This was even my mother and best friend. Now, that I'm back to lose what I gained, they tell me not to lose so much this time! I was happily in the average range for someone who is 5'0" and medium build. Even my hubby says the diet is stupid because you just gained weight when you were done. (It was my fault, not the diets) I get no support anywhere except here. So, go with your inner motivation and ignore all others...

Comment #2

When I hit my goal, I was told by many not to lose any more but, because my goal put me just into the high end of the BMI range, I must have still had some to lose because I lost another 10 during my 14 week transition. People tell me I look great so I guess losing another 10 wasn't so horrible..

There are many things that keep me motivated to maintain my weight loss but one thing is knowing that people are watching and expecting to see me gain it all back. They have good reason to expect that since only about 5% of people maintain their loss over the long haul. It is hard work to maintain and requires vigilance, educating ourselves (like reading Dr. A's habits of Health) and life style changes...

Comment #3

Glen I hear it everyday with 40+ still to go. I think that our society has become accustomed to seeing overweight people and they no longer know what "normal" weight looks like. I got tired of it at work so I hung a BMI chart above my desk just to clear things up!..

Comment #4

I hear you, Glenn! I'm starting to get those "concerned" looks when people ask me how much more I want to lose and I tell them. Trust me - there is NO WAY I'll ever become anorexic, which I know is what they are thinking...

Comment #5

Glenn, first of all congrats on all that you've accomplished so far!!! And best wishes as you continue on your program..

I really think that people's need to comment on someone's appearance and weight loss journey is nonsense and I will have no part in it. In my own situation, I started Medifast and never shared I was doing so. Then when I began losing, people commented on and questioned how I was losing weight. In reply, I'd mumble stuff like "watching my calories" and quickly change the subject. I don't need that kind of "help" in my life anymore because without exception, the subject was turned to what they did, what didn't work for them, why they would not do this or that or whatever. Um, shut up please??!!.

There were of course people that wouldn't take the hint and for them I just smiled and moved on, I mean moved AWAY from them physically. (Excusing myself to go to the restroom was a valid excuse - lol).

As I began to lose weight on Medifast and again when I reached goal last month I too had people tell me that they "hoped I didn't lose any more" because I was now "too thin" etc. OF COURSE I'm not too thin at my very very healthy weight for my gender, height and body shape!!! I don't believe I've ever told someone else what I thought about their weight so not sure why this is something so freely done by others..

I'm using a mental mantra "I'm just RIGHT!" and repeat it to myself when I get a comment similar to what you are hearing. (Like the beds in the kid's tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears which are too hard, too soft and "Just right!") It cools me off and reconfirms that I know myself best, I understand that what I'm doing is for my health and well-being and I've made a conscious and informed decision by following the Medifast program..

Glenn, wherever you are on your Medifast journey, let me tell you that you are JUST RIGHT!!!!.



Comment #6

People are always going to know better than we do, what is good for us! I have finally stopped listening. In fact just this week I "came out" with the fact I am on Medifast at work. They see me drinking the shakes and they say stuff, now I just shrug and laugh and say, "yeah, well I'm gonna just stay on this because I like it and I'm getting the results *I* want." I'll keep saying that till I reach goal, transition, and maintenance..

And I do want to prove to everyone that it will stay off, too!..

Comment #7

Thanks for the comments. It's funny though, that in the process of telling me not to lose any more, they go into "confessions" about what they have recently eaten (binge-like) or how much they have gained.... Maybe my weight was just a segue for their own story....

I need a pickle......


Comment #8

Oh man Glenn, I have had this same issue. I am SO tired of my weight loss becoming other people's issue-I have dealt with a handful of jealous friends who comment about my body every time they see me and then make it about themselves. It's annoying, tiring, and not very loving and supportive to me. I never, ever talk about my diet with anyone so it's not like I'm throwing it in their face. I think just seeing a skinnier me is a reminder to them that they are not happy with their own bodies..

I'd tell them to mind their own business and your weight goal is your own private issue, not theirs...

Comment #9

Hahahaha. So true. +1 in agreement that most people are projecting their insecurities! Plus, I think people get so used to seeing us fat that when we've lost weight we seem thin, even if we aren't quite yet..

Comment #10

Fishie..that's what I think. I look so much different and "thinner" that they can't visualize me thinner yet. Well, get ready........


Comment #11

Sounds like you all need some more supportive people in your lives! I teach pre and post natal fitness classes so most of the women I am surrounded by have similar weight loss goals and never would tell eachother negative comments unless they were severly is amazing how surrounding yourself with positive people with similar goals helps you to stay on track! As far as medifast not working...almost any diet plan works as long as you stick to it 100% and stay active...the people who say it does not work either have never tried it or cheated there way through it...dont let other people convince you that your goals are unrealistic or that you will be too skinny if you reach them, I have been told that many times in my past, eased up on my dieting and then started kicking myself when I was up 10lbs and none of my clothes were fitting all because someone who was jealous of my success told me that I was getting "too skinny"..good luck to all of you on your continued weight loss journey!!..

Comment #12

I have tons of supportive people in my life as well as tons of associates/aquaintances that are the ones that chose to involve themselves in my business, ie my weight. The supportive people have never once said anything other than "you look great!".

For me, and my journey is mine and mine alone, I don't want to have the subject of Medifast or weight loss or my appearance to be fodder for another's insecurities. So I avoid those subjects and it's worked well for me. Everyone has to deal with these issues in a way that is comfortable for them..


Comment #13

This is why I don't talk about my weight loss with anyone. However, my body has become open season for comments, critiques, and criticism about the diet. For compliments I smile and say thank you and try to change the subject, but it still doesn't deter some people. I lost an eating buddy a few years back when I started losing weight (she only wanted to hang out with me to eat) and now it seems like there are friends I need to avoid because of how annoyed I am that my weight loss success is being taken personally...

Comment #14

Thankfully, I have plenty of supportive people in my life. Unfortunately, I can't control who my company chooses to hire... or what people I have class with....

As Sassy said, once you lose weight, people just take it upon themselves to comment, like it's their business all of a sudden...

Comment #15

I agree with everyone. I am never sure it's more of a "you are looking too good girl..stop" or a "I don't want to ask because I don't want to do anything hard, but how did you do it". Thankfully, I have a ton of supportive people in my life so the dolts just fade away. It used to really bug me though...

Comment #16

I have supportive people in my life, family, friends, and in fact many at work. But then there are those...........


Comment #17

I guess I am very lucky, the people I work with and my family are very supportive of my desire to get healthy, if fact there are at least two other people on the program here at work..

Glenn, could it be that you have lost so much weight (good for you!) that they really don't see that you are still not in a healthy BMI range? I think a lot of people don't realize that for many of us it isn't about getting "thin" it's about getting healthy...

Comment #18

CeeJaa: That's what I keep reiterating to people. This journey, was first and foremost about getting better and feeling better. Looking better is just the icing on brownie (MF of course).....

Comment #19

I don't think people mean to be un supportive.... not all of them anyway. I have had people ask me flat out in front of others... "what is your goal weight"? I just smiled the two times that it's happened and said...."hmmmm, I'm not sure, I've never been here before"!.

Then I've had people say "You're not gonna get too skinny are you"? or "you don't need to lose anymore" that's when I hit them with...."well, I still weigh as much as a pro football player, so I still have a little ways to go"! Yeah, so pretty much, unless I get drafted, I'm gonna stick to my guns and not listen to that kind of feedback..

People can be intrusive for sure and I love the "weight loss pro" comment.... people do become authorities on the subject! Maybe it's threatening for folks and kind of makes them look at their own lives..

This has been a great conversation so far!!.


Comment #20

I take a deep breath and try not to yell, myself. The other day I said,yes, I might look great compared to how I used to look, BUT if you were meeting me for the first time, you would still think that I could lose some weight. Just today I had to tell my mother in law that I am STILL overweight and would like to have a healthy BMI...

Comment #21

I'm really glad this topic was brought up and everyone's response is so encouraging! It's quite interesting to me how making life-changing decisions that work for you makes people think they have the lineage to ask questions and offer advice..

One of the most discouraging remark a friend said was "you know, your body can only lose so much weight. Some bodies can't be thin like others." Wow, thank you for encouraging me and being such great support!! Have you heard of BMI? Sheesh!.

Another one decided to give me the advise on being on "diets" and how they fail. I had to remind her that I am NOT on a diet, but on a program that teaches me how to eat right..

I find it interesting, too, how I've made new friends with people who are thinner and DO take their weight seriously. Our topics of conversation have become about eating healthy and making good food choices, it's a lot of fun! And, then the friends whose lives revolved around food, are becoming less friends.....

Even though you don't think of it that much, "I'm just losing weight to be healthy," it DOES affect other people. I love that I can come to these boards and find people who struggle in the same areas I do! Thank you!..

Comment #22

I get the you don't need to lose anymore weight comment all the time. I think it is because losing 70lbs in 7months seems pretty fast and they are use to seeing the Obese me. I just brush it off and not let it allow me to think "yeah here is good enough" instead of working for those last 17 lbs to get to goal...

Comment #23

My boss lady and work (who is also a friend) told me that Medifast puts your body in starvation mode, so when you go off of the diet, you just put the pounds back on and then some. She tried Medifast a couple of years ago, so she thought that she was commenting from experience, but she must not have been committed to this program, because I did not see her weight drop to a healthy range at all; and I have worked for her for 17 years, so I know that she did not give the program a chance. I just let that comment go over my head and changed the subject. She went back to the Metabolic program at the same time I started Medifast, and I am losing much better than she is. LOL! So just let those comments go over your head and do not take them personally, or you are doomed to fail. We will prevail! Hooray for MF!..

Comment #24

I have a friend who got the gastric bypas.. and no offense to anyone who got that surgery, but, if you are NOT committed to learning how to take in LESS calories on your own, your odds of gaining the weight back is high. She has gained just about ALL OF THE WEIGHT back. Now, Medifast is simple, you drop your caloric intake, the meals just make it convienient and you excercise. You then learn how to incoporate low calorie meals into your diet to maintain your weight. This is NOT starvation..

Some people around the world take in less calories than Medifast and are healthy. The french eat very little and walk walk walk.. so, come on. Where I"m from we call that a hater, cause they hate everything.. including themselves..

Don't let that bother you, if it works for you that is all that matters. Keep up the good work!!!..

Comment #25


That must be a big motivator! way to go!..

Comment #26

I know someone who did the exact same thing and gained the weight back, so sad. It is about learning how to eat right. Hates are all over the place, gotta keep our head up high!..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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