Do not use shaker during Medifast?

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Hi All,.

I've been doing this since June, and can't figure out why you're not suppose to use the shaker for, say, creamy tomato soup, puddings, hot chocolate, chai, etc. I don't use it for things like oatmeal and other soups, but I do "break the rules" for the other. I mean I'm losing lbs. quite quickly so what's the deal? BTW there are some awesome recipes- I've been keeping to the "just the way it is" plan ( I do use SF syrup and coffee for stuff)..

Sooo, to shake or not to shake?..

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I think the pudding mixes best in the shaker as does the hot cocoa. The cream soups ,cocoa, chai & capp get foamy but are fine once the foam goes away. Just don't shake anything HOT!!!..

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Well...because if you put hot water in something and then put a lid on it.... the gases expand and KABOOM! YOu are going to be covered in Medifast soup! NOW... that being said... you CAN mix the soup packet in the shaker WITH COLD WATER to get the lumps and stuff out... AND THEN HEAT!!!..

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Ya, I always assumed that little 'don't prepare in a shaker jar' note meant that you shouldn't COOK the soup in the shaker in the micro. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure a bunch of us are REBELS then, hehe..


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I'm in agreement.... the "Do not use shaker" rule just applies to hot liquids (they will explode when it all expands), so I mix my creamy soups in the shaker with cold water and then heat. Easy peasy. It doesn't change the make up of the food in any way and is still "on-program" if you do it this way.....

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Do you know if it's okay to heat the soups in the shaker jar without the lid? I know some kinds of plastic are microwave-safe. I don't want to melt the plastic, but I am SO LAZY and the less dishes/utensils I dirty per meal, the happier I am...

Comment #5

I make all my Medifast meals in the shaker.

Just make sure that if it's something to be heated up you shake it good while it's COLD.

I am lazy too lol And that darn shaker is sooo clean. I eat I wash I reuse I repeat LOL.


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