Medifast recipe for Crepes?

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This morning I tried something for breakfast. We always use to have folding pancakes for breakfast as a treat. This morning I made them and wow were they great..

1 pkg Medifast eggs.

1 tablespoon slenda ( the baking kind not the packet ).

2 tablespoons soy flour.

A bit of Better Buds.

Blend in mb and let sit about 15 min or so..

Makes 2 10 inch crepes.

Squirt with spray butter and sprinkle splenda on them.

Keep folding in half till you have a triangle.

Best part Pick up and eat. ( Could be a take a.

Long, they heat up well in micro-wave).


Comments (13)

Cant wait to try.. since I dont do oatmeal and all the other recipies need oatmeal.




Comment #1

How much water? And is soy flour allowed?.

I wonder if these can be messed with by using a little Medifast oatmeal instead of the soy flour...

Comment #2

I make 'real' crepes for my son every Sunday morning and I've been dying to have some too. I can't wait to try these. Thanks for the recipe!..

Comment #3

Hermindseye, just make the Medifast eggs with 1/2 cup water like normal. FYI 2 tablespoons soy flour has less calories that 1 tblespoon flax seed. I do put it in my log. Just make sure you cook on med and watch them don't try to flip to soon...

Comment #4

I really don't think soy flour is allowed. Have you checked how many carbs in comparison to the flax meal? Calories aren't the only important thing to look at...

Comment #5

Just checked, it has less carbs and less fat than the flax seed..

Comment #6

Can we use flaxseed? I dont have soy flower... ?

Comment #7

Exousia, haven't tried it with flax seed, didn't want the extra fat and carbs. If you try it let me know...

Comment #8

You are going to need to get Nutrisystem approval of the soy flour and the baking slenda..

Sorry, best advice to give is....the CLOSER you stay to plan, the much better results you all will experience!.

Meanwhile, here's an approved Medifast crepe recipe that is out of the world DELISH!!.

Makes two servings, I usually have one in the morning, and the rest at night..

Crepes or swedish pancakes! CLICK HERE!.

They are esp wonderful with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of WF SF syrups or fruit spread. Gatita also came up with a great idea of blending 1/4 c cottage cheese with a touch of splenda and almond or vanilla extract..

I make these in many combos, using the banana cream, orange, chocolate and vanilla shakes. Thy these! They are da BOMB!!!! Many of us vets swear by these!!!.

I just don't want to see any of the newbies getting "offtrack" with using too many non Medifast foods and approved condiments..

{{HUGS}}}} and good luck!..

Comment #9

Bt2006 tried that one and didn't like it at all. Soy flour has less fat and less carbs in 2 tablespoons compared to 1 tablespoon flax...

Comment #10

Here is another option on these crepes. I was thrilled this morning.

1/4 Egg White Substitue or Egg Beaters.

2 T Ground Whole Flax Seed.

Mix together. Add water if the mixture feels to thick and divide into two portions..

Spray omlet pan with Pam and cook until slightly golden but not to hard so they can be folded..

I softened some fat free cream cheese, added some vanilla extract or flavor drops to taste and also optional tsp of splenda..

I spread the cream cheese on the crepe and then filled the crepe with another 1/4 of egg white substitute cooked like an omlet..

I had a total of 8 carbs and part of the lean portion ...

Comment #11

Oooh - I'm going to have to try that crepe recipe - looks like you could even have it as a snack!..

Comment #12

Does it taste better using egg whites or using regular egg substitute?..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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