Creamy Medifast Diet dressing recommendations?

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Hey, everyone! I love raw veggies with dressing, but I'm getting a little tired of the Walden Farms and need a break. Can anyone recommend a great creamy dressing (like a ranch, blue cheese, etc.) that tastes good and is allowed on MF? Thanks so much!!..

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This is by far my favorite product that I've found so far during my Medifast experience. You have to order online but it is so worth it. I will eat the salad dressing for the rest of my life. It's better than anything else out there, low-fat or not!.

I'm partial to the caesar, but I also have the regular miso and the honey dijon. They're all delicious, I promise!..

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Hmm. looks like they sell Galeo's at Whole Foods. I have to go to Cambridge on Sunday and I believe there is a Whole Foods there. I will have to stop in...

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I just emailed Trader Joe's to request that they begin stocking Galeo's dressings. They now sell Shirataki noodles so maybe all of us MFers can band together and send in lots of emails?.

The Trader Joe's website is - I clicked on Contact Us and then filled out a form relating to products...

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Yep, Galeo's is just the BEST! It is wonderful and can be used as a sauce for fish and chicken as well. The original Miso is my favorite but they are all very good!..

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Thanks all. I just ordered some. The WF ranch dressing to me needs help. Hopefully I will like this one more. I noticed their nutrition numbers are based on 1 TBS instead of the normal 2 TBS but they still appear to be fairly low in carbs, cal, and fat..


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Ken's Steakhouse Lite Creamy Caesar is my fav. Get it at any supermarket...

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Thanks for the recommendations! I'll have to check Whole Foods or do some ordering online!..

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I like good seasonings greek vinigarette w/ feta cheese. low cal/low carb...based on 2 tbsp. only has like 50cals for 2 tbsps and like 1 carb...

Comment #8

I looked in Trader Joe's today for the noodles and they didn't have them, or at least they didn't know they had them. I'm in CA, I don't know if the different area's carry different things..

Are they dried or frozen or?..

Comment #9

SNOWMAN3 - As I was reading your reply I noticed that you said you had go to Cambridge to go shopping and that's when I saw that you lived in MA. I live in NH and work in MA. Nice to see someone else from New England...

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Galeo's is the best. Dijonaise is my favorite, but all three are great. I wish they sold it in the grocery store. I will continue to order it even when I'm not on a diet. I look forward to salad when I get to use this dressing. I hate low fat low cal dressings usually. Hope this helps...

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I am very interested in trying Galeos dressings, but was very disappointed not to find them in our Whole Foods, or in any of the Albertson's stores in Sarasota. Guess it is online ordering for me, also. These dressings sound wonderful!.


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HI Joan.

I also checked whole foods, alberstons etc and couldn't find the galeos dressings. It seems they only sell on the west coast.

So I broke down and ordered some. They are great. And I find that they are so flavorful I use very little. Great on chicken too..

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Not your usual blue, must like garlic!.

I have been making my own blue cheese dressing, not sure of the carbs but am guessing it is typical for highfat dressing 1- 2 carbs per tbsp..

1part regular mayo-I like best foods.

2part full fat sour cream-no fillers ie: carageean: I used knudsons.

1part gorgonzola 1/2 ground up and 1/2 chunky.

Fresh chopped garlic to taste - I use alot.

Salt & pepper to taste.

I use a mini chopper to cut up the garlic and cheese..

Mix all together.


I was thinking of adding a ground nut like walnut or pine to it. Mabe some fresh basil...

Comment #14

In my Trader Joe's at least, the shiritaki noodles are in the refrigerator case that also has the meat.

I couldn't find Whole Foods when I was in Cambridge. I know there's one there but I was on foot and couldn't find it from where I was (I may not have been in the right area). I did go into another shop on MA Ave that had some sign about competing with Whole Foods. Some sort of grocery co-op. They didn't have Galeo's but they did have a bunch of other brands I'd never heard of. I didn't buy any though...

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As far as I can tell, Galeo's is only in stores in Southern California, so even where I live I have to order online... bummer!..

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