Medifast recipe for Cream soup pizza crust?

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I was experimenting with the cream soup cracker recipe. Many have been looking for a non-sweet baked bread-y recipe. I decided to try making one big cracker, to see if it would qualify for a pizza crust or even a wrap. I used one packet of cream of broccoli, some garlic powder, and some rosemary and 1 tsp. of baking powder. I mixed the dry ingreds.

I wanted it thin, like a thin pancake batter. I put some Reynolds Release foil on a cookie sheet and spread the recipe on the foil with a spatula into a 6 by 7 rectangle. I baked it at 375 for about 10 minutes, until it started to brown at the edges. I removed it from the oven, and carefully turned it over and baked it until it was golden brown and dry to the touch, maybe 5-6 more minutes. Then I removed it from the pan and cooled it on a rack.

I ate it plain, and it was great. Well see what the second one Im storing overnight in a baggy looks like in the AM...

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Sounds like great idea. Let us know tomorrow how it stores overnight please...

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Hey Sue Sue I tried something like this and I was a massive failure. Wonder if I can do it with the Cream of Chicken. Still sick but maybe I can wander into the kitchen. Love, B..

Comment #2

Success. I made this with Cream of Chicken. Added some Parmesan, just a touch, and I think it made it get browner and crisper. It was delish. Perfectly cooked. Although I do think I need to get that release foil because I sprayed the pan and it still stuck.

Nice job Sue...

Comment #3

Oh yum!! I'll be interested to hear how your stored one turned out. This is something I'll be trying. Thanks for sharing!!..

Comment #4

SAVE !!!!!.

I'll try it next week !!!!!.

Thanks !..

Comment #5

Just an update on the "cracker" I stored overnight. At mid-morning, I took it out of the baggy, and it was a little moister than when it came out of the oven. So I grated exactly 5 grams on my scale (about 11 calories) of parmagiano reggiano cheese with my microplane grater and sprinkled it on the cracker, and stuck it in the toaster oven on light, just til the moisture evaporated and the cheese started to melt (watch it or the edges will burn). Delish! Tasted too good to be legal. I intend to make a batch tomorrow. I'll keep them in th refrig. and warm them as I use them...

Comment #6

I tried it and it was wonderful! I just added 1/4 tsp baking powder (contains cornstarch, so I tried to minimize the amount). It worked well with cream of broccoli with nothing added, but the cream of tomato was so sweet that I had to sprinkle in some rosemary and a little salt to counteract the sweetness and it was good.

These are great to eat even by themselves as a meal. I left them in the oven when done baking (turned the oven off but left them in until they cooled off) so it got a nice crunch..

Thanks so much for this creative idea!..

Comment #7

I agree, this is a great "cracker/crust" substitute. Have made it with all the soups...

Comment #8

Definitely a keeper! I made it yesterday with broccoli and today with chicken soup. I personally like all the soups but it's a great way for those of you who don't to use your soups.

Thanks Petlady...

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