Medifast recipe for Coffee drinks?

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I know there are plenty of recipes already posted for coffee and medifast shakes mixed together, but want one this morning and don't want to take time to search. I have my coffee already made, have plenty of SF flavoring drops on hand, and ready to make me a nice Latte. Please help. Many thanks..

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Mix a swiss mocha with your coffee or a french vanilla and a little cinnamon...

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I use cold coffee in place of all my water in a shake, add lots of ice and a little sf syrup. Sometimes I use pudding rather than a shake mix but make it the same way (about 3/4 - 1 cup coffee, lots of ice, sf syrup) the pudding is thicker than the shake this way. Lots of ice makes it like a blended coffee drink. I make this every morning, I just make some coffee the night before so it is cold by morning. I also use the cappuccino this way (tried it once hot and gagged but it is great this way). Hope that helps!..

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Thanks you two, that is exactly what I was looking for...

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I thought of another 'recipe' I make when I am on the go I swing through starbucks and get a Grande SF vanilla iced coffee in a Venti sized cup (they might look at you funny, but they're willing to do it), then mix in one of the RTD shakes works out to be a pretty nice iced coffee...

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Yes! Cold coffee w/anything chocolate. (except appetite suppression shakesmakes a funny tasting mocha).

Nicole-I hadn't thought to try pudding. Sounds good! Also will try the cappucino iced. tried it hot and had to chew half of it. Gross!..

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I agree, coffee with the shakes tastes better. I even mix up the shake/coffee then freeze. I take out about 1 hour before I need to soften, then reblend with more coffee or water and I have a great thick coffee shake. I am sucker for iced coffee so this is working great for me. Haven't gotten any SF syrups yet, so a couple of Splenda is what I add...

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I just made this and it was sooooooo good... but I do not think it is legal....

1 cup cold coffee.

1 swiss mocha MF.

1 T SF hazelnut syrup.

1 oz (2 T) FF cream cheese (I think this is the illegal part but others used it in ice cream recipes and counted it towards the lean).

1-2 packets splenda.

Lots of ice...

Put it all in a blender... it makes the mose delicious coffee drink!!!..

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