Medifast recipe for Chocolate mousse anyone??

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I have something delicious to share! For me, this is quite a treat. To make chocolate mousse, take 2 TB (tablespoons) of Cool Whip FREE and whisk into your chocolate pudding after you have made the pudding. It is fantastic!!! I let mine sit for 30 minutes to overnight before I eat it..

No, I suppose the Cool Whip Free (don't use any other type) isn't totally on plan, but here is the nutritional info for you to decide:.

2 TB= 15 calories, 3 carbs, 0 fat, 1 sugar..

I did also try this with vanilla, and it improved it (not my fave)..

Hope it delights you, too! I do this just once in a while as a treat, and don't have any other snacks to compensate for using it...

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This sounds great! I have a new pudding discovery too. I added some Davinci SF syrup to my chocolate pudding and WOW finally I really enjoyed it. I think my favorite is Toasted Marshmallow. And also, credit to Diane1...she suggested adding a drop or two of Peppermint Extract. It is really great and minty!.

I am going to try the cool whip.....sounds yummy!.


Comment #1

That sounds great. I have been adding either peppermint extract or PB2. I am not a Medifast "purist" by any means, so I think I would like to try this. But, I am afraid I may not be able to keep myself out of the cool whip container - I have problems with controlling myself at times, I am afraid... Bad, Beth!.


Comment #2

I just made this with vanilla pudding and a squeeze of lemon... lemon mousse! Mmmmm...

Comment #3

High praise from you, Gatita, since you have some great recipes. And, great idea with the lemon juice! I will definitely have to tweak the vanilla pudding that way...

Comment #4

Beth you crack me up!!!!!! I, like you, cannot control myself where the cool whip is concerned. I'm getting a visual of standing in front of the open fridge, face deep in a tub of the stuff... which is why I don't have it in the house.

Thanks for giving me a good laugh today! Enjoy the mousse! LOL!.


Comment #5

Thanks for the idea. I used SF Caramel syrup with Chocolate pudding plus cool whip. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Comment #6

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