Cauliflower mashed potatoes recipe for Medifast??

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Hi all - a while back someone posted a recipe for the low carb mashed potatoes made out of cauliflower. I wanted to try to make it - but didn't copy the recipe down right away - and now I can't find it. Does anyone have it and willing to share? I wanted to try and make it before thanksgiving. Give it go - make sure I know how do it.


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Hi! This is how I make the cauliflower....

I put the water and some bouillion in a saucepan with a couple cloves of garlic and the cut up cauliflower. Cook til it's good and soft. Drain liquid off. Use the handmixer to whip up with a laughing cow low fat cheese wedge. Whip til it's smooth. VERY GOOD!.


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I'd love to try this for Thanksgiving as well while everyone else is drowning their mashed potatoes in gravy!.

But I'm a little confused as to how to count it. Where does the cheese fit in? How much is a wedge? Is it a condiment, a fat serving, a meatless lean? Please help!.



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I'm not sure what she meant by a wedge. But I'm just gonna use a ittle grated I think. Fat free of course. Depending on how much you use - the cheese would count as a meatless lean - (or at least deduct from it) and the cauliflower would count as a cooked vegetable. Depending on the spices you use - those would be condiments. I would figure about 1/2 cup being a serving...

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Laughing cow cheese comes in wedges or mini rounds, theyre both the same weight..

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Google rocks, as do all of you!.

Laughing Cow Lite Cheese Wedge nutrition info for 1 wedge (of any of the lite varieties - swiss creamy, french onion or roasted onion and garlic):.

1 wedge = 21 g.

35 cals.

2g fat.

1g sat fat.

260 mg sodium.

1g carbs.

1g sugars.

2.5g protein.

2% vit A.

6% calcium.

Sometimes it is easier to just plug it all in to MyMedifast as a recipe and see how much of it fits into a daily plan.

Thanks for the help!.


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Let me know how it works out! I want to try some too!..

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