Medifast recipe for Buffalo Chicken Eggs?

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I am a NY girl and am missing my wings. I have been craving since last night so I just:.

Cooked up my serving of scrambled eggs. After they cooled, I put them in the bullet with 1 tsp louisana hot sauce, 1 tbsp of low fat miracle whip ( part of my 2 tbsp of salad dressing for today), and gave it a whirl. I actually added more hot sauce to the final product and I got a nice helping of something close to egg salad, with a buffalo chicken kick!.

Delish! Rachel Ray would be proud! I ate it with one of my 2 dill pickel spears for the day...

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Ya know, you can have wings for your l&G, just take off the skin and weigh the cooked wings, weigh the bones when you are done and subtract. EASY..

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Or just douse your chicken breast in buffalo wing sauce! I think there was a buffalo chicken salad recipe on this board somewhere!..

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Let me help save you and everyone else a lot of unnecessary weighing. For years before my kidney transplant I was on (well, supposed to be) a low protein kidney diet. I was taught what size meat portions equaled an ounce. 1 complete chicken leg equals 1 ounce of actual meat. That's as simple as it can get. Hope this helps everyone!.


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That sounds could scoop with celery sticks or cucumbers too....I am definitely trying it!.

I make buffalo chicken a lot...most wing sauce has zero carbs. Really good with shredded chicken on lettuce and bleu cheese dressing!~..

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I tried the Ken's Steakhouse Buffalo Wing is Yummy!!!! It has a kick to it and make you want lots of water. I found it at our supermarket where they have the salad dressing and bottled marinades. Give that a try on chicken and it is just like having wings..... was having withdrawals too before I had my own creation...

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I do love a little louisiana red on my eggs. here is the buffalo chicken recipe...

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