Medifast recipe for Awesome Peanut Butter Cookies?

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Okay now that the Vanilla Pudding is much to do with it. I wanted plain peanut butter cookies, no banana, chocolate, nothing. So I took EllenKay's amazing cookie recipe and made these changes:.

1 pk maple brown sugan oatmeal.

1 pk vanilla pudding.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

2 pks splenda.

1 tbsp davinci sf peanut butter syrup.

1 capful vanilla extract.

1 tbsp crunch peanut butter.

Good sprinkle of cinnamin.

Mix dry ingrediants first then add wet. batter is VERY thick. roll into 6 balls and flatten. 12 min 350 and you have pefection.

These are awesome. Thanks EllenKay for the recipe and Medifast for the vanilla pudding...

Comments (18)

That sounds wonderful! I'm going to have to try that. Just need the SF syrup (can you buy that in a grocery store or is it only available online?)...

Comment #1

I don't know if you can find the Davinci Sugar Free syrups where you live. I live in Los Angeles and we have a lot of low carb stores. But you can get them on ebay, at, at and some other places. The bad news is paying for shipping. But I bought over 20 flavors as they are a real Medifast lifesaver...

Comment #2

What do you count these as and how much? I'm new to Medifast and wouldnt want to screw it up, but these might come in handy around the holidays so I won't feel deprived...

Comment #3

I'm assuming 3 would be a serving, would that be right?..

Comment #4

Yes it's two meals. Three cookies = one meal...

Comment #5 has flat rate shipping on the davinci syrups, just make sure you choose the sugar free version! my faves are caramel and toasted marshmallow...

Comment #6

I can't wait to try these... I just bought some peanut butter syrup... sugar free of course....

Thanks for posting.....


Comment #7

I see a lot of recipes with peanut butter, but don't recall reading that PB is okay... Can someone point me to the instruction on this? Thanks!..

Comment #8

You can get Da Vinci SF syrups from They have a flat $4.99 shipping and handling. That is for everything you order from them...

Comment #9

Here's a pic of when I did them. I had to vary it a bit due to what was - more accurately, what was not - in my pantry at the time. At any rate, hope you approve, BETTINAV!..

Comment #10

OrangeBlood those are GORGEOUS. I am drooling. Have two meals left today so off I go to make a batch. Aren't they yummie?????..

Comment #11

YUM!! Doesn't look like enough to go around here for all your drooling cyber friends.

They are nice and brown the way I like them. I already know what I will be baking tomorrow!.

Thanks for sharing..

Comment #12

Those sound and LOOK great! Why does everything OrangeBlood makes look so good and when I try to make something it goes wrong!???.

Could it be that I can't cook!?? lol.

I will give the cookies a try, they look delish. Just as soon as I get some SF peanut butter syrup!.

Thanks everyone!!..

Comment #13

So I just made a batch of these cookies and yummo. But, I did sort of a lazy thing that turned out great. I just poured the SF peanut butter syrup into the measuring cup, rather than get out the measuring spoon, and oops put too much. It was way more than a TBSP...more like almost the whole 1/4 cup that would have been water. I said "what the h**l" and just filled up the rest with water, rather than dump it out and start over. They were delish.

I will make these every day...

Comment #14

For the Medifast people who asked if Peanut Butter is "legal..." Yes, 1 TBSP a day that is counted as your snack for the day. Enjoy!..

Comment #15

Tried these cookies and wow were they great. That was my first Peanut Butter since being on this diet for 8 1/2 months so I think the combination of getting to eat peanut butter and it being in a cookie was exciting. Made a batch with the same receipe but used chocolate pudding and yumo on that as well. Great work Thanks for sharing..

Comment #16

I just made these with the hot cocoa and they were really good. Not sure why but I think that the texture is better when using the pudding. I think the vanilla pudding is going to be a great thing to bake with...

Comment #17

I've made similar with almond sf syrup and a vanilla shake instead of pudding. Came out tasty...

Comment #18

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