Any suggestions for the Medifast Diet strawberry shake??

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Hello. I'm not big on strawberry, so I was wondering if you had any tasty tips on how to make it better. I'm sure once i'm on the program for a bit I will find out how to be more creative, but all the help I can get now will be greatly appreciated. thanks alot!!!..

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I add DaVinci sugarfree raspberry syrup and it tastes really good that way...

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I saw a post where someone added strawberry kiwi crystal light to the strawberry shake, she said it made it more tart. I haven't tried it yet, though...

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If you have other flavors, you could mix two, such as chocolate and strawberry, or strawberry and vanilla. I don't like artificial flavors or dye taste in my food, so I really don't like strawberry, or tropical punch, but the orange cream is ok for me. So mabe it is just the red dye taste I don't like...

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I use Crystal Light or Wyler's (it is like CL but cheaper) in the strawberry and orange shakes. I just shake a little of the packet in add ice and blend. It is very yummy!!..

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I like to put a tbsp of Non-fat, Vanilla-cinnamon creamer in it. I agree, I'm not big on the taste by itself. The creamer is non-fat, but does have 25 cal/5 g carbs per serving...

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I haven't tried this yet, but Crystal Light just came out with a new flavor that is great, Wild Strawberry. I bet the Strawberry Crystal Light would taste good in the strawberry shake, expically if you added ff cream cheese and made "ice cream" out of it...

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Can't wait to try these things!!! thank you all so much!!!!!..

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I drank my last strawberry shake today... Never again!!..

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I don't add much to anything but to strawberry I add crystal lite lemonade. I just love it.

And when I can't get that I add talking rain strawberry kiwi..


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Crystal Light is the only way to go with the Orange & Strawberry shakes. It makes them taste like sherbet! During the week (for work), I mix an orange and strawbeey together with about 1 1/4 ice, 1 cup of water or lemonade Crystal light, about 1/4 tsp of dry Crystal light mix and I blend it all together. It really makes a HUGE difference in how they taste. I look forward to those flavors now. The first time I had an orange, I was at work, no blender... I figured I love orange anything, so it would be really good.

If you search "Orangeblood" he is very creative and has posted a ton of recipes! Good luck to you! May we all have great success!!..

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I actually like the strawberry shake. I put in DaVinci's Sugar Free Cherry Syrup...

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I can't stand this as a shake, so I've been making crepes out of them:.

1 Medifast Strawberry shake.

1 egg white.

3 tablespoons water.

Mix and cook over med-high heat in pan sprayed with pam. I've been getting about 3 good-sized crepes out of this. Then I spead either SF jam in the middle before rolling them of Walden Farms chocolate dip and then WF strawberry syrup on top. Delicious, IMHO!..

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