Adding cheese to Medifast Diet recipes...?

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Hey all you great Medifast chefs!.

I was wondering about how you count the cheese you sometimes have in the recipes. Is it ounce for ounce part of your lean no matter what lean you choose that day? And are there perameters we have to follow on cheese choice, like carb, fat, calorie counts?.



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If you search the "Ask Nutrition Support" forum you'll see all the answers to questions about cheese. (just search "cheese").

I believe they try to discourage cheese but if you must, 1 oz of low fat cheese can replace 1 oz of your lean. I usually log it under "other foods"..

Good luck..


Comment #1

I thought it was 2 for 1, because Nutrisystem told me the total amount of low fat cheese allowed in a day is 3.5 ounces.

So instead of 7 oz chicken, it would be 5 oz. chicken with 1 oz cheese...

Comment #2

That's my understanding too 2 for 1..

3.5 - 4.0 oz. of colby cheddar cheese (one shredded cup) is a lean..

7.0 (or maybe 6.0 by the guide) of chicken is a lean..

So if you have 1.0 oz of allowable cheese, that's one fourth of your lean, and you need to scale back the rest of your lean by that much...

Comment #3

Thanks, guys! I'll search the Nutrisystem forum, too. I suppose we can get the real scoop at the chats on the new program book this week..


Comment #4

Saw two different answers out there....1 for 1, 1 for 2....sheesh. I dunno!..

Comment #5

Hi! Im new to MF. I have just finished my first week. I have so many questions about how this message board works, but anyway, I was wondering if any one knows if you can use parmasian cheese. Does it count like any other cheese?..

Comment #6

I use parmesan a lot. It is a lot of flavor for very few calories. I just log it in under "Other Foods" and take my lumps with the added calories. Tonight, I sprinkled season salt, Italian herbs and a little parmesan on chicken breasts and baked them until the cheese was crispy and the chicken was done - wonderful!!..

Comment #7

I called Medifast and he said it's 1 for 1 for you chicken and 2 for 1 with beef and pork. That's probly why everyone was confused b/c they both are right...

Comment #8

Shouldn't it be the other way around?.

You are allowed 3.5 oz cheese or 7 oz of that would be:.

1 oz cheese = 2oz chicken.


1 oz cheese = 1.5 oz beef or pork??.

Thats how I have been counting it all along...

Comment #9

Gatita....your 4lbs from goal!! I'm sticking with you on this one then. LOL.

You must feel amazing being so close to goal?..

Comment #10

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